Sfakia Gorge

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sfakia gorge

The Sfakia Gorge flows 2 km east of Sfakia. It starts at Trikoukia at an altitude of 1200 meters and its stream ends in the Caves of the Prisons in the South Cretan Sea. The canyon is 6.5km long and generally easy to access. The proposed hike through the canyon starts from the Niatou Plateau (near Askyfou) and leads to the abandoned village of Kaloi Lakki. Right before this village, the gorge, which is one of the most important canyons for flora observation in Crete, begins. Spears, cypresses and pines are the main trees of the Sfakia Gorge.

At the beginning of the gorge there is the church of Apostle Paul, which was created by the inhabitants of Chora Sfakion in 1407. Near its exit at Porolago, the gorge meets the road leading to Chora Sfakion. But it is worthwhile to continue your journey to the shore, as the gorge ends in the beautiful Fjord