Comolithoi Potamida

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Comoliths Potamida Kissamos

Comoliths as they are called, is a scenery about 35 km west of Chania in Potamida, Kissamos. They are hills composed of soft clay to which over time erosion has given rise to these unique formations. Prior to the discovery of cement, this natural “landscape” was of great value, as the inhabitants of the surrounding villages used it for making the terraces waterproof.

According to estimates, they are remnants of an ancient seabed, and many marine fossils have been discovered in the hills. Researchers from the University of Crete have found that they contain, among other things, iron pyrite and traces of gold. Dutch researchers studying the area say the formation dates back to 7.2 million years ago.

Comoliths pop up above the green fields of the plain, just a few meters away from the village houses, making an impression. The hills are completely bare of vegetation on their sides, but they have small bushes on their tops, creating a unique contrast.