Sirikari Gorge

By pro

Sirikari is located 55 km west of Chania and 17 km south of Kissamos, in a lush area with gorges and running waters. Just a car ride there will convince you of the beauty of the area.

From here essentially begin the two parallel gorges of Sirikari (Tsichlianos to the west and Kielianos or Sirikarianos to the east) that terminate in the village of Polyrrinia, where ancient Polyrrinia was built. The ancient walls of the city are preserved in pretty good condition in its citadel, In Sirikari a stunning forest is formed with spectacular chestnut trees, small waterfalls and running streams. It is not the only chestnut forest in Chania, as there are many around the cool slopes of the Kissamos Mountains.

However, it is one of the nicest and it is quite large, on a high hill overlooking Kissamos Bay.