Aradaina Gorge

By pro

It is one of the most interesting and largest canyons of Crete. While most think it is only 7km long, as everyone begins their journey from the village of Aradaina, about halfway through the canyon, the actual length is 15km. In fact, the gorge actually starts from the underground river of the Drakolaki cave, at the roots of the Thodoris peak of the White Mountains.


Aradaina is the deepest and one of the steepest canyons in the Prefecture of Chania. With a wall height of over 150m the canyon is ideal not only for hiking but also for bunjee jumping from the Aradena Bridge. The enchanting route through the canyon to the exit at Marmara Beach is an unforgettable experience for anyone attempting to descend the canyon. In some places large rocks are difficult for hiking, while stairs are set in difficult passages.

In the village of Aradaina, you will find the metal bridge that is the tallest in Greece (138m high) and the second tallest bungee jumping bridge in Europe.