Sports activities in Chania

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Chania offers its guests a variety of sports activities. From water sports, family and recreational activities to the more gentle, it is certain that the destination you have chosen will not leave you wondering what to do. We’ve collected the most popular activities for you, listed below.


Sea sports

Chania is famous for its beaches. From the spectacular Balos to the dreamy Elafonisi, it would be impossible for the waters of Chania to remain untouched by water sports. They include a wide variety of excursions, such as sea excursions, sailing, diving in the Cretan seabed. There are many daily ferry services to the most famous beaches on the island.



Hiking is definitely the best way to see the beauty of a place. Chania and Crete generally have a wealth of hiking destinations, from gorges to trails. We could not talk about hiking without mentioning the E4 trail. The E4, starting from the Pyrenees through the Alps and crossing all of Greece, reaches Kissamos, crosses Crete to Kato Zakros and ends in Cyprus.

It gives hikers the opportunity to live a journey through different customs and traditions, acquaintances with authentic people and discovering forgotten settlements. It is also important to note the Samaria Gorge, which will give you an unforgettable experience. It is located a few kilometers outside Chania and is the largest and most famous gorge in Crete. A day dedicated to its 18 kilometers will make you see Cretan nature in all its glory.


Family Activities

Apart from water sports and magical hiking, Chania Crete provides children activities during your holidays. Of these, the Olive Ranch and the Kariatzules forest school were chosen to appear here.

Olive Ranch is a ranch located in New Village, Apokoronas. It is a large area with horses, ponies, donkeys and various other animals, wooden toys, and specially designed spaces for children to play freely. When the kids get to the ranch, they will be able to feed and groom the animals, as well as enjoy other activities such as bicycles and trikes, exploring the park and more.

On the other hand, Kariatzoules is an alternative school, which contains activities designed to bring children closer to nature through interactive toys, various tasks, constructions with natural materials, respect for the environment and discussions about nature and the animals.


From all of the above, it is therefore easy to conclude that this paradise of Crete has many opportunities for its visitors to engage in activities. And surely, it will cover the tastes of the most demanding of them.