Kissamos Archaeological Museum

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Kissamos Archaeological museum

Kissamos Archaeological Museum is located in the central Tzanakakis square. It hosts remarkable finds of the area from Roman Hellenistic times to its modern sites. The mosaics that have remained unchanged over time are striking. The activities of this Museum started in 2005 and the exhibition is divided into sections based on chronological and local criteria and is distributed on the ground floor and 1st floor of the building.


In summary, on the ground floor you will find findings dating from the geometric period up to the Roman period. On the floor you will discover foundings dedicated to the city of Kissamos throughout its historical course through the years, such as coins, mosaics, pictorial representations, amphoras, objects of daily use, and findings from the tombs of Falassarna and Polyrrinia. So, Kissamos Archaeological Museum is definitely worth a visit for a time journey.